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H.G Markets Private Limited (HG) is a constituent company of Harvest Group which was founded in 1994. The Group has a pioneer status in introducing Futures Trading in Pakistan. HG was incorporated in the year 2013 and later acquired memberships of Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX) MEM293 and Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) TREC528. HG is also a licensed Futures and Securities Broker by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

PMEX offers unique trading facilities for market participants interested to trade in futures contracts underlying products related to international Indices, Commodities, Metals, Energies, and Currency Pairs.

PSX offers a marketplace where people can invest, buy, and sell shares of the listed companies.

HG serves the investment and trading needs of customers around the country. HG has been Pakistan’s No. 1 Futures Broker by Traded Volume and Value (as per the rankings of PMEX 2014 – 2023).

HG has a market leading position in brokerage activities. Following our policies across all aspects of our operations, we provide unmatched services in research and brokerage for investors and traders to enhance their overall trading experience.

Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX)

Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX) is the first technology driven, web-based, demutualized commodity exchange in Pakistan. It is licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and has a 100% Institutional shareholding. Pakistan Mercantile Exchange limited started its operations in May 2007 as a fully electronic exchange with nationwide reach. PMEX is committed to providing a world- class commodity futures trading platform for market participants to trade in a wide spectrum of commodity derivatives driven by the best global practices, professionalism and transparency.

Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX)

The PSX was set up on 11 January 2016 after the merger of the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad stock exchanges. In mid 2020 there were around 540 organizations recorded in PSX and the all out market capitalization was 8,398,456.068 PKR ($52 billion USD) in January 2021. The Pakistan Stock Trade (PSX) with trading floors in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore was reclassified as a MSCI Emerging Market in May 2017, while the FTSE classifies PSX as a Secondary Emerging Market

In December 2016, PSX sold 40% strategic shares to a Chinese consortium for US$85 million.


Muhammad Gulraze Mir

(Founder & Chairman Emeritus)

In 1992 Pakistan enacted the Economic Reform Act and allowed its citizens to open foreign currency bank accounts and remit funds abroad. In the pretext of this development in 1994, Mr. Muhammad Gulraze Mir under the banner of Harvest Group, founded the first Hong Kong – Pakistan joint venture firm which came a long way in becoming the leading financial brokerage company in Pakistan in facilitating the clients of international brokerage firms for trading in Futures markets.

Over the years, Mr. Mir’s vision and commitment in the industry has brought the Harvest Group to a position of one of the leading market participants and the player at the mercantile and equities exchanges in Pakistan. Today, H.G Markets Private Limited is an important member of Pakistan Stock Exchange and Pakistan Mercantile Exchange.

Mr. Mir did his PhD in International Economic Development in 2003 from USA and had over 30 years’ experience in the financial industry.

Muhammad Gulraze Mir

Hussain Gulraze Mir

(CEO and Director)

Mr. Hussain Gulraze Mir has had over 15 years’ experience in incorporating, maintaining and running of financial brokerage houses, its systems, operations, marketing, compliance, and research for the derivative futures and exchange products.

Mr. Mir has done BSc (Hons) in Accounting and Finance from Warwick University, UK.

Irfan Ahmed Adhami


Mr. Irfan Ahmed Adhami has been involved for more than 30 years in the financial services sector. He has diversified and strategic experience and understanding of major aspects of the financial markets, financial information markets, and the brokerage industry operating from conventional market trading modules to today’s state of the art online trading facilities.

He was one of the first persons with Reuters in Pakistan in early 90’s who introduced and trained the dealing room staffs of the banks and financial institutions on Reuters financial information terminal for real time rates, news and charts and Reuters Dealing 2000 for interbank financial instruments dealing platform.

Customer First

We start with a focus on customers where specialised expertise, attention to detail, and follow through, are seen as important aspects to all of our interactions.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to continue advancing our brokerage making it easier, quicker, and more fulfilling for all parties who interact with HG Markets.

Quality Services

Our professionals see what others don’t, challenge conventional thinking, and consistently deliver innovative solutions.

Privacy and Safety

Our capabilities and intellectual capital are enhanced by our deep industry expertise and hands-on, collaborative approach.

H.G MARKETS - A Trusted Broker

As a leader in financial services in Pakistan, we are an advocate of transparency.

We establish the highest safety for our client’s funds.