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Following a decrease in the significant midpoints because of higher security yields, U.S. stock futures are moving higher in Wednesday’s Asian session Dow Jones rose by 164 pips, or 0.5%. S&P 500 and US 100 climbed 0.74% and 0.83% respectively.

Micron shares sneaked through expanded exchanging after the semiconductor maker missed assumptions on the top and main concerns in its most recent quarter. Then again, Lululemon shares shot 12% after the athletic attire retailer surpassed Wall Street estimates for profit and income. Moreover Berkshire Hathaway further purchased 3.7 million shares of Occidental Oil Partnership (OXY). Elsewhere, LYFT cut it losses to close around 8% lower after David Risher, who was named new CEO and set to assume control on April 1, precluded an offer of the organization. Risher said that Lyft wasn’t available to be purchased and would be centered on its ride-sharing business. The arrangement, which was momentarily invited by the market, actually makes them question whether the ride sharing organization will actually want to make up ground against bigger opponent Uber.

Financial investors communicated worry that the economy could be pushed towards a downturn because of higher interest rates, with the yield on the 2-year U.S. Treasury note transcending 4%, which impacted the tech stocks which are highly sensitive to interest rate changes A few financial backers stressed that higher rates could tip the economy into a downturn, even as the market attempted to move past the current month’s territorial banking crisis. The yield on the 2-year U.S. Treasury note transcended 4%, burdening financing cost touchy tech stocks. The market is hanging tight for the impending information of GDP delivering on 30th March and Individual Utilization Consumption (Center PCE Index) on 31st March which will give further headings to FED regarding its monetary policy.



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